Blaklez – DMX Prayer ft Reason

I’m just checking my moves
I switch ’em like a ball player
We ain’t had no money
Never used to ball, player
Living through hope and luck
My homey it was all prayer
All prayer and we hoping that the lord save us
You gotta get up, get on up
Just tell them get up, get on up
Y’all need to get up, get on up
You gotta get up, get on up
(Singing hallelujah amen)

verse 1 – Reason
I do not sleep, I wake up and I go
I do not peak, I go up and I go
Pray for my kids and my mom and my bro
Also my sister, my papa and magogo
Never forgetting my bitch
‘Cause she gave me some bread
When a nigga ain’t had any dough
Now we got kids and a crib full of shit we don’t need
I don’t have any place for no hoes
Only got space for the truth
Come see my place, I got views
Only see greens and the blues
Don’t give a fuck about you
‘Cause my daughter playing my music
And I’m doing business with Jews
Them niggas pay for my views
Y’all niggas pay for the views
I was just talking to Slikour the other day
That nigga told me to choose
Are you going for the moment and not for tomorrow
‘Cause then you will lose
He said it’s the little you do
That shit is good for your future
I had a reply and withdrew
I’m learning there’s more I could do
Now I’m a saucy nigga with some awesome figures
‘Cause ? hit us, then I’m sure we’re getting
God forgive us, we’re just balling different to them sucker niggas
‘Cause we’re always winning
Pushing ?
Been the reallest since a little youngin
If you’re corny then I get it popping
DMXing, out.


verse 2 – Blaklez
Right in the middle of the motherland
We got the upper hand
You understand, we’re tryna move up the stands
But your moves are underhanded
I wanna move but I can’t afford a spaceship to another planet
Another plan is, build a family
Not run around, do a lot of damage
Come on come on, chase the riches
Yeah we go for gold
They say hang in there
You’re backed in a corner, pull a roper though
Here’s the truth that strips you to your bare minimum
Leave my foes exposed
Got rid of the jewelry
I’m a pyramid, yeah I’m over gold
We’re ’bout to break down the devil’s defense
I broke away from a lot of weak friends
Chase the dream with my eyes open
Not when I’m sleeping
Still strong, came out wavy
Well life threw us in the deep end
I check coast like I make money in Cape Town
You know when you getting cheques in the coast
Money flows, we’re getting paid now
Hey now, negative energy get away now
Gotta get up, gotta stay blessed
DMX, gotta pray now


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