Starting a Business With Little to No Money

Keep in mind, your first business needn’t be overly complicated or world changing to find customers and become successful. If you can identify a customer group that has a need, then you can jump in and fill it. Here are a few simple businesses you can start without much money:

  • 1. Freelancing  – Whether freelance writing, web design, graphic design, or marketing. If you have a laptop, and the right skillset, you can apply for jobs online and start picking up client work. Read our guide to get started freelancing.
  • 2. Virtual Assistant – Busy professionals need someone that can check their email, follow up on phone calls, book airplane reservations, update their calendars, handle administrative duties, and keep their personal and professional lives in order. You can get started with just a computer and minimal office experience. Also, you can work from home.
  • 3. Painting Houses – Some states don’t require you to have a license to even start a paint-contracting company (check with your local authorities). Further, you can get cheap supplies and learn the finer points of painting from watching some YouTube videos.
  • 4. Pet Sitting – Another easy business to get into, pet sitting involves taking care of people’s pets when they’re away. It can also include taking pets for walks. As with house painting, it’s a business where you don’t need a lot of overhead to get started. Begin with your friends and family, get good recommendations and referrals from them for your work, and start expanding.
  • 5. Tutoring – Tutoring is an area in great demand among high school and college students. Another business that doesn’t require much money to start, all you really need is proficiency in the subjects you want to teach and a way to advertise your services. You can take out ads on Craigslist or websites where you can directly be put in touch with people who need tutoring.

Here are an additional 50 small businesses you can start with little time and money. Also, you can start a business on the side even while working a full-time job.

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